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Inaugural Meeting Report

February 8th 2012

Threads of History: The World of the Bayeux Tapestry

Rupert Willoughby

Rupert Willoughby presents a lively introduction to the tapestry - so much more than the story of Hastings.

March 14th 2012

The Art of 'The Da Vinci Code'

Dr Geri Parlby

A closer look at the artworks that inspired the fertile imagination of Dan Brown.

April 11th 2012

Samuel Pepys' London

Mrs Ann Sweeney

Examining the city he was born into and the changes which occurred in his lifetime.

May 9th 2012

Faces and Fortunes

Dr Justine Hopkins

British Portraiture through the ages.

June 27th 2012

From Soup to Syllabub

Mrs Jane Tapley

A light hearted insight into food and eating habits of 18th Century England.

September 12th 2012

The Pre-Raphaelites: Years of Achievement 1848 - 1860

Mr Julian Halsby

(to coincide with Tate exhibition of Pre-Raphaelites)

October 3rd 2012

A Photographic Odyssey

Mr Mark Cottle

Shackleton's Endurance Expedition captured on camera.

November 14th 2012

Peter Carl Fabergé : Master Russian Goldsmith

Mrs Pamela Halford

A lecture discussing the pieces made for his chief patrons and stock made for sale to the general public.

December 5th 2012

Meeting the Mummies

Mrs Delia Pemberton

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