View of Dartmoor



February 26th 2014

The Art and Meaning of Maps

Jeremy Black

March 12th 2014

The Vikings

Imogen Corrigan

April 9th 2014

The Drama Behind The Taj Mahal

Oliver Everett

May 21st 2014

All That Glisters? An overview of contemporary British jewellery

Mary La Trobe Bateman

June 11th 2014

Fine Art Forgery, Craftsmanship or Conjuring Trick

David Phillips

September 10th 2014

The Cult of the South Pacific: From Cook to Gauguin

Leslie Primo

October 8th 2014

Glittering Prizes: Mosaics of Ravenna

Christopher Herbert

November 12th 2014

Carriages in the life of a Victorian Country House

Elizabeth Jamieson

December 3rd 2014

The Art and Design of Bloomsbury

Julian Halsby

February 11th 2015

Sleeping Beauties: The Irish Country House

Tom Duncan