View of Dartmoor

Programme 2017


January 13th 2016

Kate Strasdin

Downton Abbey: Clothing across the classes 1900 - 1930

February 3rd 2016

Douglas Skeggs

Nicholas and Alexandra: Tyrants and Martyrs of Imperial Russia

March 9th 2016

Anne Anderson

Oscar Wilde and the cult of beauty: The Aesthetic Movement

April 13th 2016

John Ericson

The Shakers of North America: Their beliefs, architecture and artifacts

May 18th 2016

Denise Haywood

Cambodia: The Sacred art of Angkor and living arts

June 8th 2016

Rupert Willoughby

The Normans Conquest and Legacy

September 14th 2016

Elizabeth Strang

Picasso and his women

October 12th 2016

Lynne Gibson

How to look at art

November 9th 2016

Barry Venning

The Turner Prize - Its history and controversies

December 14th 2016

Peter Medhurst

12 Days of Christmas